All You Need To Know About Modern Tablet Press Machine

Tableting machines are one of the major products used in multiple sectors these days, specifically in the pharmaceutical industry. Most of the medicines or drugs are now used in tablet form, rather than powder form. Henceforth, the demand for such machines is on an all-time high during these days. If you cherished this write-up and you would like to obtain far more info pertaining to four spindle head kindly visit our page. With the demand, the supply is also increasing and the machine manufacturers have come up different types of machines that follow the latest technologies for high quality pill production.

So, have recently planned for purchasing a pill producing machine, make sure you buy the modern one. Here are some of the features of a modern machine –

Such machines generally come with a touch screen Siemens PLC as well as HMI system.

It allows for easy maintenance for production consistency and guaranteed accuracy.

It eliminates any human intervention. Hence, the chances of pill contamination get minimized.

It ensures lowest cost of ownership and high overall equipment efficiency.

Batch data printing and display.

It consists of frequency converter that is responsible for continuous control over the speed of production and motor.

The machine also has a modern auto lubrication system.

Pre-compression and main compressions form the two major compression systems, which generally come with adjustable pressure systems.

Safety Measures

A modern tableting machine is a perfect example of excellence, productivity and quality output. Apart from this, a pharmaceutical tablet press machine also has certain safety features, which prove it to be the right choice for multiple industries. Some of the features or safety measures include the following –

The machines consist of mechanical buffer system, which aims at the prevention of any damage to apparatus or punches that may occur due to mechanical overload.

Tooling systems, turrets and other moving parts in the machine are isolated. This in turn, ensures that no one would be able to access the machine, while it is currently in operation.

The machine has an automatic feature of stopping at any point, in case of an overload.

The machine is even provided with safety interlock features.

So, isn’t the modern tableting machine a better option than the older one? Being an entrepreneur, you must be aware of the new technologies that sprang in the market, every now and then. Also, the products you use should be aligned with the latest technology, auto feed tapping units in order to assure a great quotient of quality in the output.

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